SILBA ENVIRONMENT ART is an artistic – ecological multimedia platform founded by enthusiasts captivated by Silba and its natural and cultural beauties. The island of Silba has been known for decades as “the island of artists” because it always attracted those seeking peace and quiet to create their art. Silba has continued to amaze new generations, and in 2010 we decided to found an informal artistic platform where we create together, work on improving conditions, provide technical equipment and logistics to all others from around the globe who are interested in spending some time on the island while working on their own or joint artistic, cultural, ecological and sustainable projects in cooperation with local organizations and the population, with the goal of improving the life on the island. Silba Environment Art has been registered as an artistic organization with the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia since 2015.

SILBA ENVIRONMENT ART is conceived as an artistic community service which organizes artistic-ecological workshops, artist colonies and off-season residences, Silbensko kulturno ljeto festival in high season, workshops, education, actions, film projections, video and other multimedia works all year round, while offering logistic and organizational support to all those willing to come to Silba, create there inspired by the island, and offer their help in different artistic-ecological actions. The goal of this project is to revive this beautiful little Adriatic island and point out the potential every Croatian island holds; to be able to work on the development of the island off-season through art and ecology; to cooperate with the local population and artists and scientists from around the world on projects which are of direct use for the island, therefore branding Silba and Croatia as a place with innovative ideas and young artists and experts capable of realizing them.


  • To offer a variety of Silba-based artistic, cultural, educative, ecological and sustainable projects for all ages
  • To contribute to the development of culture, art, tourism, ecology, agriculture and sustainability on the island
  • To educate children and adults on the importance of nature conservation, and to systematically and actively work on protecting the environment through artist colonies and other ecological projects
  • To implement new artistic and cultural content on the island even in off-season, thereby actively participating on the expansion of the tourist season while offering the local population a variety of content
  • To conduct international artistic and cultural content which develop cooperation between the local population and international artists and experts on joint projects with the goal of improving life on the island
  • To work on the decentralization of culture and the development of contemporary art outside of cities and urban centers